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Brunei 2012

105080Brunei 2012


The new range of Blinds have arrived , Wood slat, Roller, vertical and venetian..great range and really keen prices.. have to say i am pleased at my customers reaction orders flowing nicely

Awkward Window

Problem Solved086
Finished aticleI actually fitted that awkward window for Jamesons, they turned out really well I think !! (pats himself on back !).....
Off to Brunei 17th March , looking forward to the challenge, thanks to everyone for their interest and comments...will keep you posted,

"GIve A Give A Garmin"

Ever wondered why so many Sat Navs end up smashed , well after driving around Nottingham with this shrill voice telling me to turn right DOWN A NO ENTRY SIGNED road and "recalcualating" more times than Carol Vordeman , I have decided to "GIVE A GIVE A GARMIN "!!! in the bin .

A bit of a challenge

Oh well this one will be a bit of a challenge . lets see what a designer can come up with this time ..
Job is for Jamesons , will keep you posted
A challenging window with sloping ceiling ...Mark