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How do people live like this with all the congestion and aggrovation of driving in London.
people frightened to death of someone in another lane moving quicker than them so they undertake and overtake and lane dodge ...and all end up arriving at the same time ...never mind making senior citizens retake a driving test all Londoners should be made to do it anually......

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I can see there are people from all over the place looking at my site, hey dont be shy comment on my blog  let me know your thoughts and if abroad let me know how you do things over there . if you have a curtain issue mail me I love solving issues.

"GIve A Give A Garmin"

Ever wondered why so many Sat Navs end up smashed , well after driving around Nottingham with this shrill voice telling me to turn right DOWN A NO ENTRY SIGNED road and "recalcualating" more times than Carol Vordeman , I have decided to "GIVE A GIVE A GARMIN "!!! in the bin .

A bit of a challenge

Oh well this one will be a bit of a challenge . lets see what a designer can come up with this time ..
Job is for Jamesons , will keep you posted
A challenging window with sloping ceiling ...Mark


Really looking forward to next weekend , I am working at one of my favourite hotels the Hilton Metropole on Brighton front, a couple or three days work but I have been asked to work over the weekend so I shall be staying in Brighton Sat and Sun, a few beers in the Lanes and a night in Don Carlos the nicest Tapas restaurant by a mile .. lynne and I will partake in some really nice food and a few cheeky glasses of wine..
unfortunately the rooms i am working in haven't a sea view but I must have done every room by now over the years. a truly wonderful old hotel.